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Pharmaceutical Stock Buyers

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Updated: 3/2019 | Confirmed: 3/2019  

Investors with an investment background and preference for pharmaceutical and drug related stocks.  These investors are attracted to the high risk high return opportunities.  Also these investors are attracted to the medical equipment & supply investment opportunities.  Many of these stock offerings are pre-"IPO's", bulletin boards, and are listed on the NASDAQ small cap, as well as the NASDAQ and NYSE.
1,865,982 Pharmaceutical Stock Buyers   $85.00/M
1,593,247 Pharmaceutical Stock Buyers with Telephones $105.00/M
   778,114 Pharmaceutical Stock Buyers at Opt-In Email $125.00/M

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Avg. Age


Avg. Income


Avg. Net Worth


Gender Precentage

6F - 94M


Sources: Direct Response | Direct Mail | Opt-In Email

Unit of Sale


Stockholder Lists
Seminar Attendees
Direct Mail
Investment Questionnaires
Shareholder Lists

Proprietary Sources
Opt-In Email

$10,000.00 Average



4-Up Cheshire
P.S. Labels
3.5 Diskette
Email / FTP
Email - Deployment
Email - Personalization


Age N/C
Income Select N/C
Phone Number $20.00/M
Zip/Scf/County/State $7.00/M
P.S. Labels $10.00/M
3x5 Index Cards $35.00/M
3.5 Diskette $50.00/F
CD ROM $50.00/F
Email/FTP $50.00/F

Minimum Order 5,000 Records

Guaranteed 95% Deliverable
Updated Quarterly
Last Update:    3/2019
Next Update:    6/2019
Delivery: Within 24 Hours
Data Transfer: $25.00 Flat Rate

Postal Address: Updated Quarterly - NCOA - CASS Certification
Email Address: Updated Daily - CAN - SPAM Compliant
Telephone Number: Updated Bi-Monthly - DNC Suppressed
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Net Worth $10.00/M
Gender $5.00/M
Key Coding $5.00/M
Carrier Rt. Sort. $10.00/M
Bar Coding $10.00/M
Email - Deployment $25.00/M
Email - Personalization $25.00/M


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