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Mailing List Brokers

WS Ponton mailing list broker services are second to none. The company has established original, exclusive sources for their mailing lists. Combining that with exacting hygiene practices provides mailing list broker clients a precision-targeted audience for every direct mail campaign.

WS Ponton is the premier supplier of mailings lists for the affluent markets. WS Ponton not only leads the market, their knowhow and experience established it. WS Ponton performs every available hygiene technique, including NCOA, CASS and DPV. WS Ponton further qualifies material through a systemized regimen that examines every facet of every record.

Fundamental demographics are cross-checked at least twice against two different sources. WS Ponton quantifies income level through a proprietary algorithm composed of 62 criteria, yielding exceptionally accurate statistics. The firm scrutinizes net worth by applying more than 160 separate criteria to establish authentic results. The more individualized the demographic and psychographic, the more WS Ponton drills down to verify.

Not just a mailing list provider – a true data partner

The WS Ponton team employs market expertise to provide unmatched first-class list broker service for every list broker, ad agency, and marketing consultant or firm. From the opening data inquiries through processing orders, this company takes on the additional responsibility of ensuring that every campaign engages the best targeted audience. Trained staff handles each data inquiry personally, thoroughly, and quickly. A specialized team then processes orders bringing their own insight, background, and experience into play; they ask the right questions to guarantee that client campaigns will target the most narrowly defined and responsive audience.

Premium data translates into premium savings

Time and time again, WS Ponton beats industry averages for U.S. mail discounts and deliverability: clients and list brokers regularly report delivery rates of 96 percent or more. By guaranteeing that every promotion targets the most intensely qualified and accurately defined audience available, WS Ponton will dramatically increase the ROI of every client.

Undoubtedly, you need a company that can anticipate your needs and work alongside you, from the proposal process through response analysis. WS Ponton will provide that exceptional support that distinguishes your services in the marketplace and expands your business.

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