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Telemarketing Lists

WS Ponton telemarketing list data creates the standards for the industry. Unrivaled collection and meticulous hygiene practices maintain our company role as the market authority.

Telemarketing originals

We apply the same, original and exclusive standards we use for compiling postal and email records when it comes to telemarketing data. Strict methodology is crucial to achieve the cleanest and most responsive phone records available. We settle for providing nothing less than premium and receptive telemarketing data.

The hygiene mill

No standard is too high when it applies to the integrity of phone records. We approach each telemarketing audience with that in mind. Every detail of every record is vigorously and regularly processed for authenticity and verification. The company validates basic demographics, including age, gender and marital status, no less than two times from no less than two sources. More than 60 criteria are used to establish income level, and more than 160 factors are utilized to establish net worth.

Phone receptive

We also go to great lengths to confirm that telemarketing prospects are "phone receptive." This is achieved through extensive questionnaires and surveys, as well as the most obvious method of all -- telemarketing. For the client, that means less dialing, more selling and greater success.

Every month we also reconfirm our data through a "do-not-call" suppression in order to guarantee every record is authentic and responsive. We compile exclusively elite leads -- we accept no such thing as an incomplete or unproven record.

Doing the numbers

We at WS Ponton have already crunched the numbers, in more ways than one. Our original and exclusive telemarketing audiences help clients connect with success. We know who to call and we know when to call. That improves the bottom line for every client. We have been improving the bottom line for more than 100 years.

List Brokers and other qualified direct marketing industries (listed below) are eligible for a direct marketing professional discount of 25%.

Direct Marketing Industries also eligible for 25% discount:

  • Mailing List Brokers
  • Mailing List Resellers
  • Media Buyers
  • Lettershops
  • Mailing and Fulfillment Houses
  • Market Research Companies
  • Marketing Companies
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Printing Companies
  • Direct Marketing Firms
  • Direct Marketing Agencies
  • Market Research Companies
  • Publishers
  • Data Acquisition Professionals
  • Data Brokers
  • Email Marketers
  • Email Marketing Companies
  • Branding and Brand Awareness Companies
  • Online Advertisers

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