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WS Ponton Still Growing After a Century by Evolving With Technology


The Pittsburgh-based premium marketing data provider WS Ponton ( recently launched their newly designed website. The premium marketing data company was formed in 1885, and since then WS Ponton has continued its tradition of excellence which has led to the company’s success and status as a market leader. WS Ponton has been providing list brokers with mailing lists even before the term “list broker” was coined. One of WS Ponton’s keys to longevity has been to continue evolving and expanding their services and advertising with the ever-changing marketplace. Since the 1920s, WS Ponton has spent millions of dollars on print and online advertising, displayed at hundreds of tradeshows, and mailed tens of thousands of catalogs, but they’ve learned that a strong web presence is essential to rounding out their current marketing strategy.

Joseph Marchese, Vice President of Sales at WS Ponton, felt the company’s website wasn’t in tune with their premium data services and modern growth which is important since the purchasing behavior of media buyers and list brokers is often influenced by a website’s aesthetics and functionality. They also were aware that an easy-to use and visually pleasing website is only as great as the people who see it, and it wasn’t showing up on the first page of any search results. “Business-to-business clients have adjusted the way they search for vendors and suppliers,” Marchese explains. “List brokers, advertising agencies, and marketing firms have gradually decreased their use of traditional directories and trade publications; they now search online for vendors or lists.” Thus, Marchese partnered with Omaha-based marketing company Localmize after hearing about their proven track record for raising search engine rankings for other businesses. “Even if you are a 100-year-old company,” says Marchese, “your prospective clients will have a much harder time finding you without the proper SEO even if you have exactly what they’re looking for.” Direct mail, email, and AdWords have been effective for the company, but accompanying those strategies with a strong website and effective SEO is now fundamental to the contemporary multi-channel marketing strategy thanks to the modern cultural shift.

More about WS Ponton: WS Ponton provides premium marketing data that is painstakingly researched, analyzed, and put through rigorous hygiene practices to ensure a precision-targeted audience for every client and campaign. WS Ponton has also been building and strengthening their email lists over the past ten years to broaden their services; now 98% of their files also include opt-in email addresses. These exclusive email lists and premium mailing lists that WS Ponton provides for list brokers, advertising agencies, etc. are second to none and have come to position WS Ponton as a forerunner of their industry.

CONTACT:  Joseph Marchese, Vice President - Sales WS Ponton, 412-782-2360

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