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The only way to provide the truest, most reliable data is to oversee and control the process from start to finish. As the original compiler of our data, WS Ponton possesses direct insight into every facet of every record. This knowledge is an intimate, a 360-degree view of every record with thorough background behind even the smallest, subtlest data point. The integrity of authentication and verification processes at WS Ponton is second to none. Conducting every quality control procedure regularly and rigorously is our company policy.

Only the strictest quality control standards can filter out every insufficient record, such as double-authenticating each record against two sources. WS Ponton best practices require an additional double-check system for more intricate lifestyle data points. Unlike many data providers who fail to verify and update email records consistently, our opt-in email addresses go through continual verification procedures.

By combining original sources, exclusive alliances and expert staff, and employing some of the most rigid hygiene practices in the industry, WS Ponton compiles data designed to beat client expectations. Every customer receives authenticated, verified, premium data, the most responsive records available to ensure the highest level of success.

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