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Universal Life Insurance Policy Owners + Responders

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Updated: 3/2024 | Confirmed: 3/2024  

This premium marketing data is a collection of individual who have universal life insurance and are note satisfied with their current policy or wish to add coverage, or they have made a qualified inquiry to purchase a universal life policy.  As Sizeable changes influence the lives of these prospects ( marriage, new child, home purchase, etc.) many have realized that a new life insurance policy or an additional policy is essential.  These qualified insurance shoppers are interested in coverage typically in the $100,000 - $250,000 range.  The self-reported information also indicates that this higher-income audience is attracted to policies which offer a cash- value feature, and are also willing to pay the higher associated premium.  Optional opt-in email addresses and do-not-call suppressed home telephone numbers for telemarketing are also available with this premium mailing list, and all marketing data points, self-reported and public, are audited and double verified each month through 2 or more organic sources ensuring superior accuracy and a receptive and responsive audience.   

4,137,988 Total Universal Life Insurance Policy Owners $105.00/M
   782,834 With Phone Numbers (DNC Suppressed) $125.00/M
1,134,223 Opt-In Email Addresses $145.00/M

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Avg. Age


Avg. Income


Avg. Net Worth


Gender Precentage

10F - 90M


Sources: Direct Response | Direct Mail | Opt-In Email

Unit of Sale


Investment Questionnaires
Direct Mail
Opt-In Email
Seminar Attendees
Insurance Questionnaires

Proprietary Sources

$1,750.00 Average



4-Up Cheshire
P.S. Labels
3.5 Diskette
Email / FTP
Email - Deployment
Email - Personalization


Age N/C
Income Select N/C
Phone Number $20.00/M
Zip/Scf/County/State $7.00/M
P.S. Labels $10.00/M
3x5 Index Cards $35.00/M
3.5 Diskette $50.00/F
CD ROM $50.00/F
Email/FTP $50.00/F

Minimum Order 5,000 Records

Guaranteed 95% Deliverable
Updated Quarterly
Last Update:  3/2024
Next Update:  6/2024 
Delivery: Within 24 Hours
Data Transfer: $25.00 Flat Rate

Postal Address: Updated Quarterly - NCOA - CASS Certification
Email Address: Updated Daily - CAN - SPAM Compliant
Telephone Number: Updated Bi-Monthly - DNC Suppressed
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Net Worth $10.00/M
Gender $5.00/M
Key Coding $5.00/M
Carrier Rt. Sort. $10.00/M
Bar Coding $10.00/M
Email - Deployment $25.00/M
Email - Personalization $25.00/M


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