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Upper Five Percent Wealthiest

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Updated: 3/2024 | Confirmed: 3/2024  

The audience of this marketing data is the most exclusive set of individuals in the United States.  Over 67 criteria are used to establish income level, and through a proprietary algorithm, more than 162 factors are utilized to establish net worth ensuring that only the ultra wealthy are included.  This distinguished audience represents the careful and selective amalgamation of only the most distinctive individuals in all of our elite data.  A sampling of the sources for this notable audience includes fundamental real estate transactions, public courthouse records, and self-reported preferences.  The individuals who have contributed their intricately detailed investment, purchasing, and lifestyle preferences range from jet and yacht owners to America’s largest business tycoons and benefactors.  Premium mailing lists for these influential individuals are available in a spectrum of top percentage options: the top 5 percent, 3 percent, 1 percent, and half percent.   All marketing data points are audited and double verified each month through 2 or more organic sources ensuring superior accuracy and a receptive and responsive audience.

8,934,701 The Upper Wealthiest 5%   $85.00/M
   450,224 With Phone Number (DNC Suppressed) $105.00/M
5,708,991 The Upper Wealthiest 3% $105.00/M
   221,563 With Phone Number (DNC Suppressed) $125.00/M
1,196,447 The Upper Wealthiest 1% $105.00/M
     92,862 With Phone Number (DNC Suppressed) $125.00/M
   487,546 The Upper Wealthiest 1/2% $110.00/M
     35,608 With Phone Number (DNC Suppressed) $130.00/M
1,935,882 Opt-In Email Address (Total) $150.00/M

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Avg. Age


Avg. Income


Avg. Net Worth


Gender Precentage

10F - 90M


Sources: Direct Response | Direct Mail | Opt-In Email

Unit of Sale


Stockholder Lists
Business Holdings
Real Estate Equity
Non-Profit Institutions
Direct Mail
Membership Rosters
Clubs & Organizations
Opt-In Email

Shareholder Lists
Investment Questionnaires
Auto Information
Seminar Attendees
Proprietary Data

$10,000.00 Average



4-Up Cheshire
P.S. Labels
3.5 Diskette
Email / FTP
Email - Deployment
Email - Personalization


Age N/C
Income Select N/C
Phone Number $20.00/M
Zip/Scf/County/State $7.00/M
P.S. Labels $10.00/M
3x5 Index Cards $35.00/M
3.5 Diskette $50.00/F
CD ROM $50.00/F
Email/FTP $50.00/F

Minimum Order 5,000 Records

Guaranteed 95% Deliverable
Updated Quarterly
Last Update:  3/2024
Next Update:  6/2024 
Delivery: Within 24 Hours
Data Transfer: $25.00 Flat Rate

Postal Address: Updated Quarterly - NCOA - CASS Certification
Email Address: Updated Daily - CAN - SPAM Compliant
Telephone Number: Updated Bi-Monthly - DNC Suppressed
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Net Worth $10.00/M
Gender $5.00/M
Key Coding $5.00/M
Carrier Rt. Sort. $10.00/M
Bar Coding $10.00/M
Email - Deployment $25.00/M
Email - Personalization $25.00/M


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