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The WS Ponton leadership team embraces the challenges and successes of marketing alike. We told you we are passionate about marketing, and we have lived that passion through decades of industry-leading service to our clients.

The WS Ponton leadership team accepts nothing short of making your campaign a success -- this commitment to clients remains our first and last mission. We believe this is the best way to uphold the integrity and principles of our founder, Wilbur Simpson Ponton. We are proud to be a part of a firm that has been helping clients achieve marketing success for over a century and counting.

Joseph Marchese
Vice President of Sales

“I love the challenge of finding the solutions to marketing obstacles”

Joseph Marchese is front and center at WS Ponton, the tactician responsible for maintaining company focus, integrity and drive. A Pittsburgh native, Marchese received his BSBA from Duquesne University and joined WS Ponton in 1990. His ability to think and work both creatively and analytically drives the creation and expansion of many WS Ponton services.

Email marketing, online advertising and creative services all launched under the development and direction provided by Marchese. His leadership preserves the integrity of WS Ponton direct mail products and services, the vitality and heart of the company. His passion for learning sustains him both personally and professionally. In his free time, he enjoys entertaining his friends and family by sailing Pittsburgh’s three rivers. Most of all, Marchese loves learning all about your success stories.

Marianne Rabinowitz
Executive Media Manager

"I am dedicated to my clients. I take their success personally."

Marianne Rabinowitz implements strategies, designs action plans and maps out marketing successes -- one client and one campaign at a time. Rabinowitz comes from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She received her education at The Art Institute and Point Park University prior to signing on with WS Ponton in 1993. Her varied interests serve her and her clients well.

Traveling abroad, gardening, collecting art and painting provide Rabinowitz with endless passion and a unique perspective. Time and again she finds herself going the extra mile to ensure client success. Her informed view of the business world, and the world at large, enable her to take on your marketing campaigns as a dedicated partner. Rabinowitz adheres to one principle goal for you and your campaign: make it a winner.

Ralph Marchese
Senior IT Team Leader

"The technical aspects of data and marketing -- I love those challenges."

Ralph Marchese is the inside man, the hands-on guru charged with creating a seamless connection between WS Ponton data operations and your marketing requirements. He is the wizard behind the curtain that you seldom see, responsible for every bit and byte of data, as well as quality control procedures. Pittsburgh-born Marchese studied at the University of Pittsburgh and joined WS Ponton in 1997.

When not crunching data or programming algorithms, Marchese delights in photography, independent film, studying social sciences and hitting the trails on his mountain bike. All the diverse aspects of WS Ponton elevate his enthusiasm, from the people to the work at hand. Most of all he is energized by WS Ponton clients and diverse projects -- he is always up for your next challenge.

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