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Digital Display Advertising

WS Ponton provides online advertising services that are on target and on the money. Our position as a marketing leader gives us the expertise, insight and alliances to make online campaigns click.

Media Planning

Knowing who your audience is and where they can be found, in a cost-effective manner, is oftentimes the difference between a sustainable campaign and another failed test. We have the ability to indentify your audience, using demographics, geography, and intricate purchasing, shopping and individual interests on the most granular level. This pinpoint accuracy ensures that your message is hitting its intended audience.

Media Buying

Location is critical when it comes to site and ad unit placement. We know who to reach, and we know where to reach them. As an authority on market data and campaign management, we have both industry-savvy staff and the technological insight required to craft every factor of a promotion. Coupled with our deep media relationships and buying volume, we can capture premium ad inventory, without the typical premium price or frequency commitment.

Campaign Deployment and Optimization

As trusted partners, our team roll up their sleeves into the details to ensure each campaign is successfully executed and optimized. We can revamp older designs, or ramp up existing artwork and execute a full-blown, online campaign with complete tracking and extensive reporting. We can also trial-run your campaign. Working with our longstanding network of affiliates, our staff can explore sites and test audiences to discover maximum potential -- all at excellent value.

Integrated Marketing across Channels

We can coordinate online campaigns with postal and email efforts for optimal branding and selling. We can perfectly synchronize each service to achieve overall exposure, amplify a message and increase response. Agility is a key dynamic in online advertising, and WS Ponton is always ready to implement changes as any need comes up.

By combining authoritative, market insight with acute campaign management, we show the industry how it gets done -- our click-through rates lead the industry. WS Ponton success stories are second to none.

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