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Over the Counter (OTC) Active Stock Investors and Qualified Inquirers

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Updated: 6/2020 | Confirmed: 6/2020  

The speculative investors in this premium mailing list with optional opt-in email addresses are young and aggressive.        These speculators have either invested or have made a qualified inquiry to invest in shares of publically traded stocks and corporate bonds on the OTC:BB (Over the Counter Bulletin Board) markets or have purchased shares of stocks known as Pink Sheets.  This high income audience, with an account size or qualified inquiry of $10,000 or more, indicates that their trades are made through an online account or through a traditional brokerage firm.  Self-reported information also indicates that these aggressive investors prefer shares offered from new and emerging business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies that are trading under $5per share.  These emerging companies cover a wide array of industry sectors including heavy manufacturing, mining, pharmaceuticals, medical diagnostics, the latest apps, cutting edge technologies, network security, power and energy sources, chemicals, composites, financials, organic foods, and craft beverages.  These affluent speculators are attracted to high risk, high yield investments in low-priced stock and securities that they can add to their portfolio.  All marketing data points, self-reported and public, are audited and double verified each month through 2 or more organic sources ensuring superior accuracy and a receptive and responsive audience.  Most of the risky investorsin this premium marketing data make their own financial decisionsfrom their market research and from analyst reports on new and emerging companies with the latest technologies that are poised for exceptional market position, potential, and growth. 

  574,512 Over the Counter (OTC) Stock Investors:
at Home Postal Addres
Over the Counter (OTC) Stock Investors:
with Home Phone Number (DNC Suppress)
  242,271 Over the Counter (OTC) Stock Investors:
  363,210 Over the Counter (OTC) Stock Investors:
at Business Address
  321,892 Over the Counter (OTC) Stock Investors:
at Business Address, with Phone Numbers
  100,754 Over the Counter (OTC) Stock Investors:
with OPT-IN EMAIL ADDRESS (Business) 

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Avg. Age


Avg. Income


Avg. Net Worth


Gender Precentage

10F - 90M


Sources: Direct Response | Direct Mail | Opt-In Email

Unit of Sale


Investment Questionnaires
Seminar Attendees
Direct Mail
Newsletter Subscribers
Card Decks

Proprietary Sources
Opt-In Email


$10,000.00 Average



4-Up Cheshire
P.S. Labels
3.5 Diskette
Email / FTP
Email - Deployment
Email - Image Hosting
Email - Personalization


Age N/C
Income Select N/C
Phone Number $20.00/M
Zip/Scf/County/State $7.00/M
P.S. Labels $10.00/M
3x5 Index Cards $35.00/M
3.5 Diskette $50.00/F*
CD ROM $50.00/F*
Email/FTP $50.00/F*
  *one time use

Minimum Order 5,000 Records

Guaranteed 95% Deliverable
Updated Quarterly
Last Update:   6/2020
Next Update:   9/2020
Delivery: Within 24 Hours
Data Transfer: $25.00 Flat Rate

Postal Address: Updated Quarterly - NCOA - CASS Certification
Email Address: Updated Daily - CAN - SPAM Compliant
Telephone Number: Updated Bi-Monthly - DNC Suppressed
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Net Worth $10.00/M
Gender $5.00/M
Key Coding $5.00/M
Carrier Rt. Sort. $10.00/M
Bar Coding $10.00/M
Email - Deployment $25.00/M
Email - Personalization $25.00/M


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